Due Diligence

We recognise the technical due diligence inspection needs to be tailored to suit a client’s specific needs. Whether the client is the landlord, the tenant o prospective purcharser not only inspection but the emphasis of the reporting will need to reflect what the client needs to know.

Our reporting is also tailored to meet client requirements. Unless specifically instructed otherwise, we would provide concise summaries and recommendations in clear text for non-technical readership combined with both a photographic record of the site and an in-depth detailed technical description secions that can be used as a point of reference in any later discussion.

Reports can be provided in one of several languages, checked by native speaker to ensure ease of reception by the client.

Before we commence a technical due diligence inspection we need to know reasoning behind the request and what the client needs from the inspection.

We have carried out technical due diligence inspections for clients for many reasons but principally the following categories make up the majority of cases.

  • Asset lease on purchase
  • Sale and laseback​
  • End of lease dilapidation Condition survey in anticipation of taking a lease​
  • End of lease dilapidation Condition survey in anticipation of taking a lease​
  • Licencing compliance including checks with town hall registry​
  • Risk analysis for the presence of dilapidated materials​
  • Estimation of immediate and long term CAPEX liabilities​
  • Topographic and Measurement surveying to establish accurate lease figures​
  • Enviromental survey​

Design & Design Management

VM&TS provides design services that encompass the following:


Structural engineering

Civil engineering

Electromechanical Services Engineering

Bills of Quantities


Drawing on many years of experience our designs are based on know and tested methods while using imagination and flexibility to deliver cost effective solutions that meet the clients` needs and aspirations.

To meet these client needs we need to know our clients` businesses  and their operational philosophies.

Cost consultancy and benchmarking analysis.

Compliance with local regulations. Adapting and presenting design from outside consultants. Signing off projects at critical stages. Translation into local languages.

Quantity surveying, certificate of payments.

Pre-qualifications, EHS, technical and financial audits.

Project management, time schedules and follow up activities.

Licencing and Permits

Whithin Spain we are licensed to sign designs and licenses and we collaborate with ic-country associate professionals to provide licensing worldwide.

Local Compliance

When required, particularly when working in emerging markets, we work in association with ans lead in-country design teams to deliver design packages that meet the scope, quality and detail the would be expected within more mature markets. Our many years of experience working internationally enables us to provide designs the meet both international and local standards.


Depending on the client requirement we adapt our delivery so the we have provided the following services for corporate clients:

  • Performance Duties to permit design and build contracts to be sought and delivered
  • Full design to provide tender stage documentarion to allow contractor development of the working “For Installation”
  • Full design for direct installation by contractor

Project Management


We provide project and constrution management customised to meet our clients' needs. For this reasons we have provided different dedications to suit and reflect need.

Generaly on a regular basis to evaluate compliance of design and construction contractors with the contractual imperatives, assesment of progress, auditing of SHE compliance, auditing and certification of valuations.

To provide a permanent presence on site to liaise fully with the contractor delivery team to monitor and control adherence with the site based contractor management team.

Providing a project management permanently on site to run the site with a principle contract appointed to run their direct labour and their sub contractors.

To run and manage and control the coordination activities of individually directly appointed contractors.

We provide project and construction management Customised to meet our clients’ needs. For theese reasons we have provided different dedications to suit and reflect need.

Planning Scheme and Budget Development
Commissioning and Handover
Site Monitoring
Cost management and procurement advise
EHS/QMS and Buildability

Aspects of project management

  • Staged Planning Schedule developement using MS PROJECT
  • Cost estimation including budgeting
  • Risk analysis and assessment including mitigation strategies
  • SHE assessment, auditing and management including site safety plans and strategies, safe working method statements and rigorous monitoring to ensure compliance
  • Quality management with regular inspection, photographic recording and production of defect listings during the site delivery
  • Leading regular site meetings
  • Honest reporting on progress, costs, risks and mitigation strategies
  • Testing and Commissionning in a controlled and staged manner to guarantee safe operation compliance of all systems
  • Signing off and handover with full record and maintenance documentation
  • Life cycle analysis

Contract and Commercial Management

Formation of tendering packets

to meet project needs

Contractor auditing

prior to tender and formation of tender listing

Competitive tendering

including tender analysis and recommendation


of contract documentation


of contracts in-country

Fiscal audit

and considerations to minimise taxation

Project cost audit

projections and monitoring

Monthly valuation sign-off

prediction and risk analysis


1. MEP installations design services

2. Licenses and Permits processes

3. Site supervision and reporting

Our consulting Installation design services include:

  • Low Voltage Installations
  • Medium Voltage Installations
  • Very Low Voltage Installations
  • Air conditioning
  • Plumbing
  • Drainage
  • Fire and gas protection

Technical Consulting

Technical translations

ECOP services

Bills of quantities


Specifications drafting